Go big!

Real adventure for people with good fitness and water skills, outdoor experience and/or a big, positive attitude...

The Leaping Burn

A physically magnificent canyon carved deep into mother earth. At times you can't see the sky, at others you're a fly on the wall. The jumps need commitment. You'll get hammered in waterfalls. You'll be blown away - no doubt!


The Leaping Burn Max

Leaping Burn Max with Deep CanyonStart higher up - go even bigger! Longer, more physical, more difficult, just... bigger! No-one else guides stuff like this.


Wilson Creek

Our longest and most committing adventure yet. Total 'deepness' for several hours in the heart of the wilderness. Less about sliding or jumping, more about adventuring... Previous experience would be helpful. Excellent fitness and a positive attitude are good too! Did we say no-one else guides trips like this..?

Deep Canyon NZ images

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