Deep Canyon Testimonials...

“Leaping Burn awesome! 100m waterfall abseiled! Best attraction in NZ and I’ve tried most!” Daniel, Christchurch, 2011
“Leaping Burn quite an experience! I’m now a lifelong lover of canyoning! Thanks for the experience and great guiding”.
Mike, Chicago, 2011
“Seriously the most righteous thing I have done in all my 60+ years!! Everyone with a modicum of stamina should experience this and I was ready to go again before I was even finished.” Jodee, Oregon, 2011
“Did the Big Nige. Was so much fun that I booked the Leaping Burn as well! Absolutely fantastic!”
Jana, Liepzig, 2011
“Me again! Today I did the Leaping Burn Max and it was insane – so much fun! Absolutely worth it!!! Thank you so very much for convincing me Chris! XXX!”
Jana, Liepzig, 2011
“Back for a second trip [did Big Nige 3 years ago] to do Leaping Burn. Best 2 days we’ve had in New Zealand ever.”
Sarah and Andrew, Palmeston North, NZ, 2010
“We got flushed – it was awesome!!” Islay,
Andrea and Ross, England and Canada, 2010
“Awesome trip! Thank you Anna and Craig. You guys have the best job ever! This has been one of the greatest days of my life. I live for this stuff! Thanks again.”
Craig, Canada 12/11
“Anna was a wonderful and tuff guide! The trip was gorgeous, thrilling, challenging and just GREAT! Had heaps of fun, the trip is great. Thankyou guys.”
Mel and Bastian, Germany, 12/11
“UNREAL! Thanks Milly – the day was so beautiful and adrenaline packed! We had an absolute blast!”
Ella and Mark, Calgary, 02/12
“Anna rocked our socks! Your company is awesome for letting us set up a customised course/guided combo. We learned so much and can’t wait to take out our skills again. Big Nige and Leaping Burn had great scenery, jumps, slides, abseils and of course, sheep herding…!”
Nanne and Jackye, Alaska and Netherlands, 03/12
“Superb day in the canyon with Anna who was the most wonderful guide we have ever had on any trip anywhere. Some real challenges but it was an incredible day that will be with us forever.”
Fi and Ross, Northern Ireland, 03/12
“Thanks Milly – bloody awesome!”
Marieke and Bjorn, Germany, 04/12
“Did the Niger Stream, had a FANTASTIC time! Buck up and try the 10m slide, it’s awesome… One of the top experiences of our lifetimes :]”
Eden and Ki, Canada, 02/11
“Awesome time on the Leaping Burn! Annette was a fantastic guide – so fun and good at what she does. And the canyon is extremely intense and remarkable! Thanks!”
Chris and Veronica, Washington DC, 02/2011
“Loved it! Our top activity over our 3 and a half week trip! Thankyou Milly!”
Jessica and Bill, USA, 2011
“Wow! We have never done anything like that! Amazing! So many times we thought, “you’ve got to be kidding!” Thanks so much!”
Karlene and Gary, USA, 2011
“Awesome first ‘kiwi experience’. Chris and Dave gave us an unforgettable fun!! Thanks Guys!!!”
Myran and Stefan, Germany, 2011
“Dave the Rave! Thankyou for an exhilaratingly groovy day! We’ll be back!”
Dave, Lucas and Beni, Switzerland, 2012
“Unbelievable experience! Must be done!! Embrace the fear and it will pay off. Craig was a brilliant guide. Great group, fantastic day! Thanks very much!”
Leanne, England, 2012
“Thanks for that fantastic day with Dave as a perfect guide and spectacular jumps, abseils and views!”
Thomas and Nadine, Germany, 2012
“Amazing and unbelievable day filled with great fun and jumps. Fantastic guide. Can only recommend it to all adventure lovers. Loved every bit of the day. Will do it again, definitely!” Andrea, South Africa, 2012